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I've Seen Faces by Phil Hambling. Available at:

Angel (On A Bed Of Sand) by Phil Hambling. Available at:

 A Hundred Years Hence by Phil Hambling.  Available at:

Dick Whittington by Phil Hambling.  Available at:

Life's Like Elastic by Phil Hambling.  Available at:

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This Is Not Private by Phil Hambling. Available at:

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Featured lyric - A Hundred Years Hence.

G                                                         C             G

Let us drink and be merry, dance, joke and rejoice

                                                     C              G

with the claret and sherry, theorbo and voice.

                   Am7                                       Em

When the ghosts of the past seem to ignore us

Am7                                              Em                      Am7

Hester and Pete will join in the chorus with the fun and the


laughter they put before us

G                                     C                         G

So worry no more and don't count the pence

G                                                   C        G

we shall be nothing a hundred years hence.

© 2007 Phil Hambling 

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