Dear Morris sides,

This is your chance to be in pop video.

On May Day, 2021, "A Hundred Years Hence" will be released as a single and will be available, worldwide, for download through iTunes and other leading stores and will be available for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services. We are planning to produce a new video to coincide with the release of the single and we are inviting Morris sides to participate in this.

Many of you would have seen our original video for "A Hundred Years Hence". It has been viewed by Morris sides around the world and has been very warmly received. On the songs page of this website is an updated version of that video. The Youtube link is . In this update, we have included the lyrics and have credited those sides who identified themselves either through comments left on the Youtube page or by email. In the new video, we want to identify all the sides that are featured.

The original video was viewed over 2,500 times. With the release of this single we are hoping to reach the general public with this song and video and with the aim of providing a shop window not only for our music but for Morris dancing.

This time, though, instead of stills we are hoping to produce a video of moving pictures, and to do this we need your help. We are asking you to send us videos of your Morris side in action. We are expecting most of the videos submitted to be from the archives but if any budding film directors, or anyone with a smartphone, would like, Covid-19 restrictions permitting, to have a go at staging a piece of footage please go ahead.

What are we looking for?

  • We are very keen to show all the different styles of Morris Dancing, as we tried to do in the original video, and feature sides from across the world.
  • Videos from previous eras. 
  • Sticks / Swords clacking together - At the point in the chorus where the word "hence" is sung, we are hoping to have footage of Morris dancers crashing their sticks [or swords] together. So some close-up possibly staged footage of this would be great. Don't worry about the soundtrack as the action will be cut to fit with our music.
  • Unusual angles - we're thinking of shots like the one on the left hand side of this page.

We would like some footage of someone playing the theorbo. I know it's not an instrument that is normally associated with Morris dancing but it's mentioned in the lyrics "Let us drink and be merry/dance, joke and rejoice /with claret and Sherry/ theorbo and voice."

  • Close-ups - we'll be looking for some close-up images of single dancers or musicians to contrast with the shots of all the side dancing at once.

Some final points

  • Don't worry too much about the quality of the video. Something that you've filmed on a mobile phone could have some viable footage.
  • © Credits / Copyright - Any clips we use will have an on-screen credit identifying the Morris side. In addition to this in the description of the video, on the Youtube page, your contributions will also be acknowledged and it will be made clear that the film of your Morris side is being used with your permission and that the copyright of the segment used remains with you.
  • Any videos submitted should adhere to the JMO's policy on the use of full-face black makeup.

How to submit your video

Method 1 - via Youtube

If your video is on Youtube you could simply email or message the link to the video and we can take it from there.

Method 2 - WeTransfer

If you are sending MP4 files you will find that these files are too large to be attached to an email. Instead, you should use

It is free to sign up to WeTransfer at

and using this method you can send an MP4 file of up to 2GB.

Email to


Please send your contributions to us by 10th April 2021.

I hope you will participate in this venture as it will be a good way to promote Morris Dancing; especially if the track gets in the charts.

All sides who participate will be sent a link so that you can view the finished video on Youtube.

Edited versions of the video (and possibly footage that will not be in the YouTube video) will also be uploaded to Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

We look forward to seeing your videos.

Phil Chappell and Phil Hambling

If you have any questions either email

or complete the contact form on this website.